Grandfather and grandmother scribe-copies with their grandchild. 6-20

Grandfather and grandmother scribe-copies with their grandchild. (Young Scribe Testimony)

Young Scribe Testimony : Grandfather and grandmother scribe-copies with their grandchild.

Praise God that the Young Scribe program has allowed parents the opportunity to be involved with their children more during these trying times. But we have found out that apart from the parents, grandparents have been involved in this activity as well. We will be covering a testimony from one of our contestant, Beta, whose family has been positively impacted by this Young Scribe program.

Mrs. Sorattaya Chayavanich (Beta’s grandmother) and Mr. Narong Chayavanich (Beta’s grandfather) are 77 years old as of 2020. Mrs. Sorattaya is a second generation believer. Her parents, to be referred as Mr. and Mrs. Chen (Mandarin) , fled to Thailand from China due to a war. When they first landed in Thailand, both did not know the Lord. Mr. Chen was a physician and continued his career in Bangkok. The family were exposed to missionaries that frequented Bangkok to preach about God, but initially did not receive Christ.

One day, Mr.Chen fell ill, and his condition worsened to the point he was bedridden from his stomach pain. In a life changing night, Mr. and Mrs.Chen both saw a vision from God where angels descended from the sky and touched his stomach. Miraculously, he was healed and as a result Mr. and Mrs. Chen received Christ. They brought their daughter, Mrs.Sorattaya, with them to Yellow Bridge Church. Back then, the building was still wooden and there was a veil dividing men and women.

Mrs.Sorattaya grew up attending Sunday school every week at the church. When she got older, she married Mr.Narong, who was a non-believer. Mr.Narong was a merchant at Surat Thani. Together, they raised 6 children. Despite being the only believer in her husband’s family, Mrs.Sorattaya was able to bring their children to a local church. As a result, her children all grew up being believers. All six children moved to Bangkok for school. Some of them remained in Bangkok and started a family there. One of her children, Beta’s parent, worshipped at PraChristRuamJai Church (คริสตจักรพระคริสต์รวมใจ). Beta is one of the many participants of the Young Scribe program.

The Young Scribe program is the newest program from Thailand Bible Society. When Mrs.Sorattaya learned that Beta decided to join this program, she inquired Beta about the rules. Mrs.Sorattaya wanted to take this opportunity to practice writing Thai by transcribing the book of Ezekiel. This excited Mrs. Sorattaya’s children, as they knew she lacked the education but have trained herself to read Thai through the bible. But the family was astonished when their father, Mr.Narong decided participate also. Mr.Narong has resisted going to church and hearing God’s word throughout his entire life. This Young Scribe program has brought joy to the family, as God inspired both Mrs. Sorattaya and Mr. Narong to transcribe God’s word. The family believes this is a sign that Mr.Narong, their beloved father and grandfather, has received Christ Jesus.

Thailand Bible Society will continue to develop innovative ways to bring everyone closer to God.

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