Thailand Bible Society

 500 Years Bible to Commoner

To donate Thai Bible to 30,435* Public School Libraries all over Thailand.

* Number of School reference from Department of General Education database.

Before the reformation,

Bible was published in Latin and common people could not read it. Only the priests who have learned Latin could. Martin Luther did not just asked for the rights for common people to touch the Bible but also translated it into German as people at that time understood it.

From that day, Bible has been translated into many languages across the world for common people, including Thai Language.


Thai Government has had declared a resolution to reform according to the bill of 49/2559 to support and encourage Thai people to learn and understand doctrine of each religions in Thailand. This will help believer of each religion to be live in harmony with each other and also support people to learn the correct doctrine of each religions. The purpose of this bill is to help Thai students learning the right doctrine from each religions in Thailand as well.

Thailand Bible Society will use this opportunity to share Christians’ doctrine to Elementary School and High School students.

To donate Thai Bible to 30,435 Public School Libraries all over Thailand.

Questions & Answers

Why we need to give Bible to public school libraries?

Mostly, public schools do not have Christian books for student to read or study. This could be the first opportunity for students and teachers in some schools to see Bible and study through this project.

Why we choose this version for school?

Since more than 27,000 of public schools are secondary school level, beautiful pictures will draw their attentions more than regular Bible. Golden rim adds value to the Bible and the librarian will keep it in the library. Hard cover will increase life-time usage in library that has many people sharing the Bible.

Are students really interested in the Bible?
From our 16 years of Bible contest experienced with elementary and high school students together with our research during the Bible contest, we found out that students enjoy reading the Bible even though they read it for the contest and some of them spent 3 hours a day to read the Bible. Some students learned their life skills through reading the Bible and we believe that God’s word will work in their lives.
How the Bible will be presented in each period?

Thailand Bible Society has found out the number of public school both elementary and high school from Department of General Education website (We know the school names and locations). For the most convenience, the distribution will follow the list in website. Still, any change may occur depend on some factors.

Why the price is THB 1,000 per Bible?

The standard price of this Bible is THB 1,500 per Bible but Thailand Bible Society has done our best to reduce the production cost such as we use old plate and cancel the jacket and keep hard cover only. The price included all direct cost and indirect cost such as shipping cost, advertising cost, labor cost, etc. At this moment, the cost of Bible printing has been increasing and tend to rise every year. To help reducing the cost, we need to print in large amount each time. The 3 periods of production of this project will depend on fund raised. The price was calculated for the whole period of the project.

How to follow up the update of the project after donation?

After we receive funds from donors, receipt and thank you letter will be sent to each donor. Then the report and update of the project will follow through e-mail, website, Facebook and TBS magazine. The donors can contact TBS staff for updates via telephone number +66 22798341 press 42. If any organization or business store need report with picture, the request can be asked from our TBS staff.

* Note: Our receipt cannot use for tax deductible due to Thailand Bible Society does not get exemption from Thai government.

To donate Thai Bible to 30,435 Public School Libraries all over Thailand.